current projects

Cyoakha Grace is Music Supervisor for a new zombie independent film featuring DARKWAVE/INDUSTRIAL/POST-PUNK and HEAVY METAL ORIGINAL MUSIC

The film is called Flesh of my Flesh, a full length feature film by Guerilla Productions. It is scheduled for release Oct. 05 and is shot and currently being edited.

past projects

Tribal Living, PBS television special, live performance by Cyoakha Grace with Land of the Blind at Burning Man Festival

Slamnation, indie film, song by Cyoakha Grace with Land of the Blind

The Legend of Innsmouth, Short, score by Cyoakha Grace

Nik of Time, song by Cyoakha Grace & W. Blum, title song/in production

Dream Quest for the Unknown Kadath, full length animated film, full-score by Cyoakha Grace, Music Supervisor, additional songs by various artists

Unknown Music from Kadath, companion CD, Cyoakha Grace producer, Cyoakha Grace with various artists

NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE, by HAVC-Earthfilms, Music Supervisor Assistance, background music to this short that exposes Governmental and private companies dumping toxic-nuclear waste on Native lands.

Flesh of my Flesh, full length feature film, Cyoakha Grace, score and Music Supervisor/in production

Treesit, award-winning documentary by HAVC (Headwaters Action Video Collective)/Earthfilms highlighting Julia Butterfly's treesit, EarthFirst treesitters, with Bonnie Rait, Joan Baez. Both the songs TRIBE and CHURCH OF THE HOLY TREES by Cyoakha Grace & Land of the Blind were used